The Communicator - March 2024

The Communicator - March 2024

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Presidents Message:

First, I want to thank all that came to the February Conference in Columbus. I especially want to thank
Prophet Matt Carson and Lady Robin for all the work they did to make it a successful weekend. Hopefully all had an enjoyable weekend!!

Our next event will be the May conference being held May 17,18, and 19 in Mansfield hosted by Baku
Grotto. We will start off the weekend with a full seven scene ceremonial. Lady Sharon has an activity
planned for the ladies at the hotel. Saturday evening we will have a fish fry followed by casino night. Of course, we will have our BOG and General meeting. This should be a fun weekend, so we hope  many of you plan to come and have Fun and Good Fellowship! Also, we were able to get a very good room rate of $89.00!!

I would like to thank the OGA officers for their travels. To the best of me knowledge the officers were
present at all the installations this year, at least the ones that I’m aware of.

At the August convention we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the OGA. So, if you have any
pictures or memorabilia that you would like to share, please round it up and bring it to the convention. We are hoping to get a video together with many of the pictures so please get them to me so we can make it happen. We are also going to honor the Past Presidents of the OGA, so I’d like to have as many of the living Past Presidents as possible at the Saturday banquet.

In closing remember that the officers of the OGA are here to serve you so if we can of any help to you or your Grotto. PLEASE reach out to us if you need anything or have any questions. We can’t help if we don’t know of your needs. Also remember that we have the OGA web page @

Yours in Good Fellowship,

Phil Scott, OGA President, Grand Trustee

Deputy President:

Greetings from your O.G.A. Deputy President,

Hello hope this finds everyone in good health and looking forward to the early Spring that the special rodent said we’re suppose to have.

We held our winter conference back on February2nd and 4th in Columbus hosted by Achbar Grotto and as always a JOB WELL DONE!!

We had I believe 12 Grottoes and somewhere around 50 Prophets for the general meeting. This time we
tried something a little different for us we had both the BOG and the General meeting done before lunch.

For lunch we had a combined lunch with the Ladies and Prophets then we had activities planned for the afternoon.

The Ladies went Glass Blowing ( oh yeah our past president Gary Farrant went glass blowing also
something about him full of hot air!!) LOL!

The Prophets were able to choose between two different activities some went to a Cigar Lodge while some went on a Bar Crawl, I myself went on the bar crawl. We visited 5 different bars and had a great time fellowshipping with everyone outside of just 4 walls in a meeting room. We then went out to dinner and then back to the hotel and the fellowship continued in the hospitality room.

Our Spring Conference will be in Mansfield. Ohio May 17th, 18th, and 19th. Hosted by Baku Grotto.
On Friday May 17th, we’ll have dinner at Baku then Baku will be putting on a Full Form Ceremonies that’s right all 7 acts!! The Ladies will be going back to the hotel for their own activities in the hospitality room. So plan now to come out and support your OGA president Phil Scott and his Lady Sharon along with the OGA officers and their Ladies.

Like it’s been said before the Conference and Conventions are put on for you the Prophets. So if you’ve
never been to either one you don’t know how much fun you’re missing so once again plan to attend and see for your self.

Yours in Sympathy and Good Fellowship,

Ron Wyatt PM, SCDD

First Vice:

Wow another great conference with something for everyone to do.

If you ever thought about going to Supreme, consider going this year as the hotel costs are one of the lowest you’ll find in a major city. See your Grotto magazine for details.

The OGA Officers are trying to make visits to support all Grottoes within the association so knowing these events helps us plan our travels.

Also if you have new candidates, consider bringing them to the May Conference where we will have a ceremonial on Friday night.

We also would like your input on things you would like to see at your Conference and Convention.

Yours in Good Fellowship,

H. Jeffery Shaw, PM, SCDD, 1st VP OGA

Second Vice:

Greetings Prophets,

Here we are, fresh off the Winter Conference 2024 and what a great time it was. The only thing that could have made it better is if you were there. The Carson’s and Achbar Grotto did an excellent job of planning activities for the weekend, there were even some Prophets who participated in the “ladies” event because they thought it would be fun and they truly enjoyed learning about glass blowing and getting to try it for themselves. Other Prophets met and shared fellowship at a local cigar lounge where, I’m sure they solved all the problems of the Realm. Still some other Prophets took a tour of some of the finest establishments located in Historic Downtown Westerville, Oh, the birth place of prohibition.
One of the best part of the weekend for me was seeing seven red tassel Prophets in attendance at the
meeting, many of whom were first time attendees. Let’s not forget that the OGA is here for all Prophets and all Prophets are welcome.

Hope to see you in May.

In Sympathy Good Fellowship,

Dave Korb, PM, DGM, 2nd VP OGA

Secretary’s Message:

Greeting Prophets.

Hope all are enjoying this early spring weather. The February Conference is history and time to prepare for the May Conference. Looks like Baku has a lot planned and should be a good time. We will have the second reading of the proposed bylaw change on the Grottoes needed for a quorum. The final vote will be at the August Convention. The itinerary and registration forms for May are on the website and face book page. I also have attached them to this news letter. See you all in May.

If you have Man Miles or Road Runner information you can send your information to

Martin R. Trent 4267
S Xenia Dr. Enon, Ohio 45323-1648

or email

Any questions I can be reached at ed_white

Yours in Good Fellowship,

Ed White, PM, OGA Secretary

Sergeant at Arms:

Hello Prophets,

Thank you to everyone that came out to our February Conference in Columbus, Oh. We had a fun-filled
weekend with lots of Fellowship and fantastic weather! If you weren’t there, you missed out on a good time.  A big shout out to Achbar Grotto for hosting the weekend and making sure everyone enjoyed themselves in the hospitality suite.

The next Conference is coming up in May 17th-19th. It will be hosted by Baku Grotto in Mansfield, Oh.  Please come out to support our President and have a great weekend with your fellow Prophets and their ladies. The Prophets of Baku Grotto have been working hard and they’re excited to put this weekend on for all of us in the OGA!

I’m hoping some of you have heard about a very special event that’s happening this summer. Miles for
Special Smiles ( In August of 2024, a group of motorcycle riders will meet up at Zendah Grotto in Plant City, FL for the trip 0f a lifetime....all in support of the Humanitarian Foundation. The riders will be traveling over 10,000 miles from Plant City FL to Anchorage, AK and back!  One of these riders is a member of the OGA Prophets Keven Clouse (aka Tank) from Achbar Grotto in Columbus, Oh. Please visit the link above for information. Their goal is to raise $50,000.00 for the Humanitarian Foundation. You can donate at the link above, and I’m sure Keven would be very appreciative if you would click the “Donate to Tank” button under his photo and make a donation in support of him.  Keven is planning on being at the OGA Conference in May to talk about the ride, answer any questions you may have and hopefully get some donations too!

I hope you’re all doing well, Prophets.  The Groundhog didn't see his shadow so Spring is just around the corner!

See you around the Realm....

Yours in Good Fellowship,

Matt Carson, PM, SCDD